Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Congratulations to Eric Forsberg for finding Dinosaur #39!

Here's a synopsis of the dinohunt from Eric:

I couldn't help myself... I went and found Dino painting #39. 

The night before I started the hunt, my fellow hunter, Phuong, and I were discussing the different clues that had been posted and he mentioned this one was a couple blocks from where I work.  So the next day after work I decided to mosey on over to the now abandoned Chamber of Commerce building on Bush st.  

On one of the boards covering the window I spotted a poster with creepy shadow behind a series of dots and a picture of something with the word "Polybius" on it.  Turned out the dots were in braille and after a quick translation it said, "play polybius at bonkers".  

After a little google searching I found out Bonkers was an arcade a block over, and Polybius is some urban legend arcade game... something about people who play it end up dying.  Despite the dire warnings I received from the internet, I proceeded to Bonkers to look for more clues and play some evil game.  

Once at Bonkers, I noticed there was no way I was getting in since there were about 3 padlocks and a gate covering the rather small entrance.  Luckily just under the mailbox on the gate, I found my next clue.  What I found was a long string of numbers and after some more research I eventually discovered Polybius is also a cipher that converts numbers to letters on a grid.  After a quick translation on my smartphone, I got the message, "the dragon was slain by saint george but he could not slay the dinosaurs".  

This one had me stumped for a while.  I was half hoping it would lead to the Saint George distillery in Alameda, but I knew it couldn't be that far away.  After many variations in the google search bar I finally discovered an alley a couple blocks away called "St George"

This had to have been one of the dirtiest alleys I've seen, and to be honest I wasn't looking forward to 'searching' amongst the piles of trash and piles of something worse than trash, but after spotting a dinosaur sticker I knew I was close.  After a couple strolls back and forth I finally spotted the prize on a ledge (thankfully away from the filth) and claimed a frightening dinosaur painting as my own.

(I was really surprised this painting stayed put so long. It was hidden right out in the open! -AdamD)

I'll try and slow down a bit to give others a chance, but these are just too tempting.  Thanks again for doing this!

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