Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Clue(s) Soon!

Without making a ton of excuses, it's now time to get back to hiding these dinosaur paintings. I hope to have half of them hidden by summer's end. We will see how possible that is as time keeps marching forward. Now would be a good time to get yourself ready:

  • re-read the rules
  • review the past hunts
  • tell a friend about the hunt!

A few weeks back I had dinner with the fine folks from the Awesome Foundation. While the restaurant was loud enough to cause me to partially lose my voice, I enjoyed talking about this project with them, and hearing about some of the projects that didn't happen (Some of them were definitely awesome, just way more of a liability than this project!)

I'm hoping to have the next clue posted sometime tomorrow, I'll keep you updated via twitter.

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