Monday, August 22, 2011


Congratulations to Elizabeth, Brandy and Alyssa for finding Dinosaur #38!

This clue was meant to lead to the Slave Labor Graphics warehouse, the publishers of Milk & Cheese (one of my favorite comic books from my teen years) located in Downtown San Jose:

See the clue? 

Its stuck to the drain pipe, but it was removed by the city, who are making a huge push to cut down on graffiti apparently. The clues were later replaced, attached to nearby yarn bombs.

original clue

replacement clue!

This clue led to where I saw a lot of shows in my late teens / early twenties: The Cactus Club! It was a total dive (the bathrooms were absolutely disgusting) but it was somewhere to see bands play! While the venue no longer exists, there is still a building there, and a place to put a clue:

original clue

replacement clue!
This image was originally from my Sweet Revenge art show in February, and was meant to lead hunters to a nearby food establishment: PSYCHO DONUTS! The nice folks at Psycho Donuts were super helpful, and even lent their tape to help hide the painting!

Where is it!?

Under the condiments!!

A huge thank you to Dani from the Pillowfights for helping me hide these clues (and for helping me replace the clues when they were removed. She also had the brilliant idea of attaching them to yarn bombs to make them look more like art rather than vandalism. Go Dani!).

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