Friday, September 2, 2011

CLUE #40 (FOUND!) & #41 (FOUND!)

Congratulations to Jason Schupp and Phuong Mai for finding Dinosaurs #40 & #41 at the San Francisco Zine Festival!

(this was actually the first painting I painted for this project)

(this one was the second painting I painted for this project!)

Phuong was actually right behind Jason the first day, so I had to create a second hunt the next day to try to stump him! I couldn't have him just walking in and whisking his way through the clues again!

 Upon arriving at my table, hunters were greeted by my t-shirt, emblazoned with a huge dinohunt symbol. When asked about the hunt, I showed this clue: 

This is an illustration of Chase No Face, done by Josh Ellingson, one of my favorite artists, who also happened to have a table at the festival! I figured a fun way to do this hunt would be to make it two-fold: You could either wander around the hall and find the art associated with the next clue, or you could take time solving the scrambled names (which were all randomly scrambled using numbers from the date of the festival). 

At Josh's table, hunters saw this: 

This led to Karl Dotter, fellow south bay transplant, UX cartoonist and toast enthusiast. At Karl's table was this clue:

The distinct style of this art led all the way across the hall, into another room, to the table of Michael Wertz, screen printer extraordinaire and fellow disciple of Nonchalance. Michael was busy being busy, so his clue was handled by the wonderful and talented Ondine LaBoeuf: 

The final stop on the hunt was at the table for Coco Lab, run by Yumiko Miyagawa. She's a DJ, she has this insanely awesome blog, and she is married to a fellow GNARBOOT. Yumiko not only turned over the painting to Jason (the largest one to date, I might add) but she also threw in the little knitted "baby" that I used as a clue!

Karl admiring Jason's painting!

As far as the hunt the next day went, I put it together on the fly and forgot to take any pictures. If Phoung sees this and has any pictures (along with maybe his perception of the hunt), I'll post them up for you to see!

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