Friday, May 13, 2011


*Blogger went down yesterday and erased this post with it. I'm re-adding it, as the painting has still not been recovered*

Congratulations to Casey Caston for findind Dinosaur #23, hidden beneath the pinball machine at Dinosaurs, the banh mi sandwich shop in the Castro!

A big thank you to Chris Nguyen (the owner of Dinosaurs) for letting me stop by and hide a dinosaur painting in his shop!


  1. I thought I went to the right location yesterday, but was totally stumped trying to find the next clue. Are you sure Blogger is the only thing that went down yesterday? :)

  2. No further clue, you just need to look around. The painting is hidden at the location.

  3. i wasn't able to decipher the last two words. all the unscrambling websites i put them into said no matches :/