Saturday, May 7, 2011


Congratulations to Alec Adams and Elijah Stoll for finding Dinosaur #22!

Clicking on the above link takes you to my regular blog ( for the uninitiated) which may have lost some folks. However, if you scrolled down, you would see that the text on one of the flyers had been changed:

I figured since I was going to be down in San Jose, playing a show with my band, I could use the opportunity to hide a dinosaur painting outside of my usual surroundings. Homestead Lanes is a little bit of a time warp, a suburban bowling alley that with a snack bar, video game arcade, and recently, a sports bar that allows all ages shows!
At the front door, there was a dino-sticker with a chalk arrow pointing back out into the parking lot. This led to more arrows, and after a bit of wandering around, the hunters came upon this in an alley:

This bit of information, when decoded, led the hunters to a person inside the show. When told a specific password, they were presented with a key:

Over in the Arcade area there is a set of lockers (different from the lockers over by the bathroom where the above pictures were taken), and inside locker 13, DINOSAUR!

So Excited!

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