Monday, May 2, 2011

CLUE #21 (Take Two!) - FOUND!

Congratulations to Evan for finding Dinosaur #21!

Here's a recap of  the experience from Evan's perspective:

IKEA is a reallly weird place. And ultra confusing to navigate.

I almost didn't want to go. But. DINO.

So. After I get off work.

Started past the giant chair (was a bit worried that there wasn't such lush foliage around it) and up the escalator and into the store. Started following the arrows, looking in all the little rooms, and getting mesmerized by a robot chair sitting machine designed to make your new chair feel old. No dino. Just solutions for modern living...

After I looked through all the rooms (or was that all? it is really confusing in there!) I started walking backwards along the arrows until i got to the escalator again, and found the shortcut to the kids section. This place was even more full-up with objects, only brighter and with more clutter. I walked over to the rooms and started checking drawers, closets, organizing solutions for modern children. Found a green monster cape in the closet of a blue room, and saw the bed named KURA --- -- - DinoDAR blasting, ducked down and saw the most adorable Stegosaurus hiding underneath the bed!

He blended right in with my bag.

A few minutes later, another dinohunter showed up. I think I ruined her day - she was SO close to beating me, especially considering how lost I was until the final moment. She had wandered the night before - 2 HOURS! Andd it took me quite a long time to find my way out. But I made it!

Looking forward to more close dinohunts. Thanks XADAMDX!

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