Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Congratulations to Corissa for finding another dinosaur! 

Here's a rundown of the dinohunt in her own words:

So my mini Hunt adventure...I had just come back from lunch when I saw the clue posted. I had clicked play and instantly thought, "OH the Wave Organ"  I love that place! JeJune and EPS clues were both hidden there at one point or it seems logical to me. But other then my gut feeling, I didn't see anything else to indicate that...I couldn't leave to check since I just took my break. So I continued working. A few times I looked up to see if I could find other recordings online of the wave organ to see if they sounded similar to confirm my suspicion..all the while thinking that if it isn't found once I am off work I will go there, since it is on my way home. Sure enough I check as I am closing down here at work and it is still up for grabs! Sweet!

So I head on over...thinking even if it isn't. I always enjoy the walk anyways. As I approach the path way from the parking lot I see on a pole one of the stickers...
I think that is nice of him (so people know they wont walk all the way out there for nothing)... I continue on ahead the weather was nice...I see another sticker..
I soon arrive at the wave organ, only a few cyclists were there enjoying the view. I immediately search the places where clues have been in the past and in the insides of the pipes...I did not see it easily at first, walked right by it a few times...before I found it in the little arch way over the sign...

YAY! victory!  I even remembered to place sticker...but unsure in that environment how long it will last there.

I sat down ..enjoyed the view and the relaxing sounds...took some pictures and messaged Adam before driving back home...

I will take any excuse to go and enjoy the wave organ

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  1. This reminds me of playing MYST ...but in this case I am totally clueless and can't google a cheatsheet ;-) Happy hunting everyone!