Saturday, April 23, 2011


Congratulations to Evan for finding Dinosaur #18!

Here's a synopsis of hunt in his own words:

I was so stoked to find that clue 18 was just a short bike ride from my house! I hopped on and rode over (motivating my ride with 'Dino DINO dino Dino DINO dino' under the breath), locked up, and started looking for that robot . . . maybe looking a little too long in the middle of the street. I crossed Grand to check out that All Seeing Eye neon sign, and then the little alien they have in the window. But didn't see any dinos till I crossed back over to get at the same perspective the clue was taken from. And right by my bike on the trash can there, a sticker with a dino phone number to call. 

(You can still call the number: (206) 312-6254 -AdamD)

I was late. He had been waiting for me in Grand Lake Theater for like an hour and I was holding him up, he had things to do, etc. He told me he had to get on the freeway and would leave 'it' with the penguins. I first thought of the bird sanctuary at Merritt, and started to hop through the Farmers Market, trying to remember if there were penguin statues or something by the eastbound 580 onramp . . . when I remembered the totally sweet mural I had just walked past (without noticing it that time, but I do love driving past it, even though there's never enough time to really check it out).

Turned back around and found some adorable little penguins on a rock, but no dino signs!


I looked in a bunch of those little holes for a note or something, then decided to continue up the mural, to make sure I wasn't missing anything before getting over to the bird sanctuary on my bike. And! At the very tip top of the mural, giant emperor penguins! And behind the support beam for the pedestrian walkway! ... Some kind of object?

I ran up the penguin-incline and there was what looked like an red-orange dino -- ENCASED IN A BLOCK OF ICE. (didn't see any 'found' sticker though. . . )

(Oops, forgot to put that in there before I froze it -AdamD)

Well, I'm not the patient type so I went with 'smash' over 'melt', and cracked the whole thing open on the North Pole. My dino was free! We are so happy together! Thank you dinohunt!


  1. i got to the location just as the update came that Dino#18 was found!
    I still followed the clues and had fun! haha

    thanks for the video... that was an awesome addition to your rundown.

  2. in ice?!?! that is so pun intended