Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Congratulations to Emma Logan!

Here's a rundown of the hunt directly from Emma:

I got clue #15 and knew right away where that pesky little blackbird used to dive bomb folks. It was a little after 10:30 in the morning. Dare I run out of work to go look for a dinosaur? YES! Early lunch! So I run out the door and text my friend Puppet to see if she can play. Good call because she was my clue solver from afar.

I get to the tree and hanging from it, among all sorts of treasures, is a little pterodactyl with a clue!Remembering the previous clue that required rot13, I quickly texted Puppet and she went to work - they were 14 off this time! "Monument to Maternal Instinct". Puppet says there is a statue across the street.

I head over there and try to be inconspicuous looking in the bushes around it. I don't see a clue on the statue. Then I see a fellow wandering around looking too! I have to wait him out so that I don't
have to share, when I realize there is a little wire around the base of the statue. The construction worker on the corner eyes me warily as I pull the little tag out from under the mother's dress and try to take a picture of the clue on it. It's too small for a picture! Dang iPhone 3G. I try to be really sly, standing there next to a statue typing the clue into a text for Puppet:

. _ _ / . _ / . _ . . / _ . _
 _ / _ _ _ / . _ _ / . _ / . _ . / _ . .
. _ _ . / . . / _ . / .

Puppet says "Yay. Morse code. Stand by." See how important it is to have help? I can't really look up Morse code with a smart phone and make any progress. I should have brought pen and paper...

Walk toward Pine.

I walk toward Pine and half way down the block see a dino sticker on a newspaper box with an arrow pointing into a little courtyard with a panini place called Birley's Cafe. It is a bank building. I am, again, trying to be sly looking around everything. There are so many tall things! I bet I can't find it because it's up high. I try hopping. 5 ft plus one hop in girl shoes equals not very much taller. I leave the courtyard - maybe I'm in the wrong place? I look in all the newspaper
boxes back out on the street...and then go back to the courtyard. In the fountain? No. Behind the trash cans? No. I text Puppet that I am about to give up and go back to work. I see a metal statue of dragons on a very tall pedestal with a space under it so I drag a chair over to peek underneath and viola! The dino package!

Very exciting. :)



  1. Anyone find it yet? did a lunchtime stroll through the area but didn't see any clues.

  2. If I was the fellow (which considering the time frame and the fact that I saw you there is a pretty good chance) good call on waiting me out because I didn't even find the first clue, and shortly afterwards gave up. Congrats on your sleuthing!

  3. Dream team! Congrats on not giving up!