Friday, April 15, 2011


Congratulations to Kimber (with the help of Donny Shot via text) for finding Dinosaur 16!

Here's a summary of the hunt from Kimber:

So, as soon as I saw the clue, I right away thought of the old Parkway theater in Oakland. I knew they were trying to re-open it based on an article Donny had sent me months ago. However, I had not heard of a grand opening. I decided to drive by the old location on my way home from work, around 8:30pm. As I rolled by, it looked very sketchy, with big scary dudes hangin out front. I didn't feel like being robbed, and didn't think this would be Adam's idea of an adventure on a Friday night.
I googled pizza, beer and theaters for east bay, and discovered that El Cerrito theater had the same type setting as Parkway, so I thought it could be a possibility.
After looking around Cerrito theater lobby and exterior, I found nothing, and went home.

Waking up this morning, I was sure someone had to have found the dino. However, there were no updates. so I quickly headed back down to the old Parkway. It was a totally different environment in the daytime. I quickly found the next clue.

It was a picture puzzle on stickers on the side of the wall. I wasn't sure the meaning of a few of the images so I used the Google "goggles" app on my phone to find their significance.
I got "bruce lee+N+Ing" "hammertoe+bib weir" "UVrays" "Peets+Extraction"
I quickely sent them off to Donny, asking for help. Within a few minutes he was replying with "Leaning tower of Pizza!! There's one nearby, trust me!!" and he gave me the addy on Wesley Ave.

Once at the leaning tower, I looked all around the store front, remembering to check plant boxes and under tables. I noticed a large mural on the side of the store when I parked, so I rounded the corner. I immediately spotted a little taco man drawn and stuck to a pipe on the side of the wall with a bubble that read "I'll be at MY RANCH. Give me a ring" I sent a picture of the friendly taco guy to Donny. I got an instant reply,  "Mi Rancho" its a taco truck at 1st on 14th. "That truck rules!"

So I headed over and looked all around the front of the truck. There were many stickers but no dinohunt logos. I then spotted a payphone to the left of the truck and as I approached, there was black plastic covering the hollowed out phone booth, with taco waste resting on the bottom. I peeked behind and saw the wrapped dino hiding inside!!

This was definitely a fun hunt. And I couldn't have found it without Donny's knowledge of the food spots in the area. This was definitely a joint find.

Thanks for the fun Adam! And thanks for the help Donny!

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  1. so what was the story with this one? a theater that served alcohol?