Sunday, March 27, 2011


Congratulations to Kimber Morrison for recovering Dinosaur #11! 

The message written backward in code on the above image is: cgrebqnpgly ng gur nyonal ohyo
It's written in a code called rot13, in which you rotate the alphabet 13 places. So, "A" becomes "N" and so on. Kimber figured it out by writing it out:

...but you could also use this website to find the correct answer:
The message translates to: pterodactyl at the albany bulb
The Albany Bulb is landfill that has been turned into an art garden by artists over the years. Sculptures made out of driftwood and scrap metal line the coast of the peninsula, along with other pieces of art that have been fabricated elsewhere and left to the elements. I haven't been out to the Bulb in several years, so I was amazed by the amount of people living out there in makeshift camps! Chalk arrows lead the hunter from the parking lot to the coastline, where the painting was lashed to a sculpture.


  1. I'm really curios how you figure this one out...

  2. Yeah, I'm dying to hear the story about this one...cause I was totally stumped...

  3. that one is much bigger...Good find :)