Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CLUE 7,8 & 9! - *UPDATE* #7/Act 1 FOUND! #8/Act 2 FOUND! #9 / Act 3 FOUND!

To find Dinosaurs #7, 8 & 9, you will need to return to the scene of the first clue, The Jejune Institute!

As a game within the game, one Dinosaur has been hidden in each of the three Acts.

I would like to make a request that those people who have already completed all three acts, please do not go hunt down these paintings! I would like to have these paintings be an added incentive to those people who have either put off checking this out or not completed all three acts.

If they have not been discovered by April 10th, you are welcome to go look.

Shortly after posting Clue #1, this article came out:

...Which made me want to make some sort of effort to get people to check this out before it's too late!

UPDATE: Dinosaur #8, hidden in a hollowed out book, has been discovered!

UPDATE #2: Dinosaur #7 has been discovered-

UPDATE #3: Dinosaur #9 has been taken from the lock box on Telegraph Hill (although no one has emailed me about it yet.) I did leave a surprise for anyone who winds up going there soon...

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