Sunday, March 20, 2011


Roses are beauty but I never see
Those blood drops from the burning heart of June
Glowing like thought upon a living tree
Without a pity that they do so soon.

-John Masefield


Congratulations to Jake Precht for finding Dinosaur #6!

The hiding place was the Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland. At the entrance to the garden, the above poem is on a plaque:

I walked around the garden a little bit, re-familiarizing myself with the location. Lots of folks who live in the neighborhood take walks through there, and some of them volunteer to help maintain the garden, so I wanted to make sure that where I decided to hide it wouldn't interfere with their routine.
All of the roses in the garden have names like "First Kiss" and "French Lace". I found a hole in a rock wall behind the bush labeled "Midas Touch" that would fit the painting perfectly:

NEXT CLUE: Wednesday!


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  1. I think I know where it is but can't come and get it before I'm sure someone else will!