Saturday, February 18, 2012

CLUE #61 - 65 (5/5 FOUND!)

This clue leads to FIVE paintings, please don't be greedy, only take one.

Congratulations to  Megan, Dave & Christine, Johnny, Sonia and Mark for finding dinosaurs #61-65!

Here is a breakdown of the hunt from Mark, who found the final painting:

I deciphered your morse code on Sunday,  hoping to find my daughter Kira a dinosaur painting. But I went to Julie's expecting to find a painting, and when I didn't find anything, I thought they must be all gone. It wasn't until I saw your updated blog posts that I realized the intricacy of your puzzles. It was then remembered the tiny drawer in the patio table at Julies, which I though was too small to hold a painting, but not too small to hold a clue. So I had a friend check it while he was there.
Of course I was delayed by my daughter's nap, but we finally got to Julie's at 6pm, finished the puzzle, and made the call. I must have listened to the message 10 times. I needed my wife's help to decipher the word "lagoon". 
(Here is a transcript of the message: Attention. Listen Closely. Exit the cafe. walk toward the bay. when you see the clown made of balloons, turn right. at the next corner, I left you some flowers. cross the intersection diagonally and continue up the street. I trust you are wearing some comfortable shoes, as you will need to walk several blocks. no, I'm not sure how many. I lost count. when you reach Tugboat Bill, salute the flags. turn left. another left before you reach the end. its the second house on the right, with a clear view of the water. If you lose your way. this might help. follow our forty second president not to the year of the snake, or the year of the rat, but the year of the monkey.)

There were quite a few houses with flags but my wife spotted the real flags and we found the spot where the paintings were hidden. Of course, by now it was very dark and finding a Dino painting in the dark is kinda hard. I looked all over, half expecting it to be under the dock, but I finally found it!

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